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Cofish aprons have a 1-1/2 inch wide adjustable strap for your neck that reduces fatigue and keeps the apron from cutting into your neck like most aprons will. They are reinforced at the tops and the bottoms are heavy enough to not fly up with even a small breeze but comfortable enough to work in all day. Extra long for covering boots.


Single Layer Double-Bib Wrap-Around

AC:5 - Medium Duty

AC:7 - Heavy Duty

AC:9 - Super Heavy Duty

Cofish-quality full-length apron with single “quick snap” fastener for easy on and off. Colors vary.

AB:5 - Medium Duty

AB:7 - Heavy Duty

AB:9 - Super Heavy Duty

Full-length apron with reinforced bib section & single “quick snap” fastener for easy on and off. Colors vary


AW:7 - Heavy Duty

AW:9 - Super Heavy Duty

Full-length wrap-around apron with double “quick snap” fasteners for easy on/off and to allows the wearer to convert the extra-wide neck strap into a criss-cross straps that transfer the weight of the apron from the neck to the shoulders for extended wear. Colors may vary